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The Assistant Chief of Naval Staff for Personnel, N1 serve as the single resource of all strategy and resource policies concerning administration and management of the Philippine Navy personnel




  • Formulate policies, plans and procedures for the overall administration of PN personnel in consonance with the following strategic goals of the PN Human Capital Strategy (PN HCS):
  1. Selective Personnel Recruitment
  2. Sound Career Management
  3. Innovative Retention Programs
  4. Beneficent Separation/ Recruitment System

  • Develop, review, and evaluate personnel programs, prepares corresponding budget estimates and projection of PN Personal Services, and formulate plans and procedures for the implementation.
  • Monitor the implementation of policies, plans, procedures and orders, and supervise the execution of programs pertaining to personnel administration and management.
  • Recommend changes to policies, plans and procedures to ensure up to date and efficient utilization of PN personnel.
  • Coordinate, monitor, and supervise activities of following units and staff under its functional supervision in consonance with the strategic goals of the PN HCS:
  1. Manila Naval Hospital
  2. Cavite Naval Hospital
  3. Navy Personnel Management Center
  4. The Naval Adjutant
  5. The Naval Special Service Office
  6. The Naval Provost Marshall
  7. The Chief Surgeon Navy
  8. The Chief Dental Surgeon Navy
  9. The Chief Nurse Navy
  10. The Naval Chief Chaplain
  11. The Naval Judge Advocate




Last updated: Wednesday, 24 October 2012